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Unspoken Sermons | Second Series


Contains:Β The Way, The Hardness of the Way, The Cause of Spiritual Stupidity, The Word of Jesus on Prayer, Man’s Difficulty Concerning Prayer, The Last Farthing, Abba, Father!, Life, The Fear of God, The Voice of Job, Self-Denial, The Truth in Jesus

Unspoken Sermons Second Series is the continuation of George MacDonald’s classic spiritual treasury, now re released in three separate volumes, as originally published (and as owned by C S Lewis who said he owed his “greatest debt” to these works.) Faith-building, erudite, and always compelling, the twelve chapters in each book will give the reader a lifetime of truth to ponder, with pages of new light often shed on a single text of scripture. Here we see not only the outcome of a life of close biblical study, and a richness of expression that often rises to greatness, but the heart of a man to whom Christ was all in all, and who could truly say that “all that is not God is death.”

The cover design of these new editions is inspired by the vintage cover art from the 1800s, and the individual volumes provide not only an authentic reading experience, but allow for a clearer print size at a still-affordable price.

Erik Rostad


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