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The Miracles of Our Lord


Contains: Introduction, The Beginning of Miracles, The Cure of Simon’s Wife’s Mother, Miracles of Healing Unsolicited, Miracles of Healing Solicited by the Sufferers, Miracles Granted to the Prayer of Friends, The Casting Out of Devils, The Raising of the Dead, The Government of Nature, Miracles of Destruction, The Resurrection, The Transfiguration

The Miracles of Our Lord comprises twelve chapters or sermons, dealing with the marvels which Jesus worked as part of his earthly ministry. From the turning of water into wine and the healings of diseases to the resurrection and transfiguration at the close of the gospels, MacDonald explores the uniqueness as well as the interconnectedness of these acts, and from his understanding of their contexts, draws out layers of meaning which may have escaped even the most careful reader. In particular, he shows that though marvellous to our eyes, there is nothing random or anomalous about any of Jesus’ miracles, properly understood. For, as he would later write in Unspoken Sermons (summing up one of the main themes of this volume): “The miracles of Jesus were the ordinary works of his Father, wrought small and swift that we might take them in.”

Erik Rostad


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