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What’s Mine’s Mine


A Highland epic, (rated “the BEST of all MacDonald’s novels” by C S Lewis!) Complete and Unabridged

I have read a new MacDonald since I last wrote, which I think the very best of the novels. It is called What’s Mine’s Mine. The scene and the characters are Highland Celtic, as opposed to the Lowland Scots of most of the novels; highly idealised. Yet somehow they convince me. Or if they don’t quite convince me as real people, they differ from most ideal characters in this, that I wish they were real…” -C.S. Lewis

WHAT’S MINE’S MINE tells the story of Alister Macruadh, the chief and father of a decaying clan. Committed to the God he honours, and to the people he must protect, he soon comes into conflict with the world, in the shape of a rich new neighbour from Glasgow. Tensions rise further when a noble stag is killed for sport on the chief’s land, his clansmen are ill-treated, and he finds himself falling for their oppressor’s daughter…

One of MacDonald’s 12 Scottish novels, this is the only one written entirely in English, therefore no translation is necessary.

Erik Rostad


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