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The Hope of the Gospel

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A Christian Classic By The Man Who Inspired The Inklings

Contains: Salvation from Sin, The Remission of Sins, Jesus in the World, Jesus and his Fellow Townsmen, The Heirs of Heaven and Earth, Sorrow the Pledge of Joy, God’s Family, The Reward of Obedience, The Yoke of Jesus, The Salt and the Light of the World, The Right Hand and the Left, The Hope of the Universe

The Hope of the Gospel is a collection of sermons dealing with the heart of Jesus’ message to the world and exploring the true meaning of the “good news” which he proclaimed. This profound and thought-provoking volume, first published in 1892, covers well-trodden ground such as the Sermon on the Mount, and Christ’s baptism in the Jordan, but does not shy away from subjects more often avoided: as for instance the place of animals in the final restoration, their possible immortality, and the ways in which this should affect our treatment of them in our day-to-day lives. Above all, it is a book which reminds us of the unspeakable comfort God offers to mankind, but with the constant accompaniment that–“truth is the first thing, not happiness; and he must make them true.”

Erik Rostad


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