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The Marquis of Lossie


The Sequel to Malcolm (Scots-English Edition) Illustrated and Translated

Also featuring G.K. Chesterton’s “George MacDonald and His Work,” an introduction by C.S. Lewis’ stepson, Douglas Gresham, a preface by translator David Jack, and illustrations by artist Carrie Stout

In this second installment of the fisherman’s tale, Malcolm is transported from MacDonald’s Morayshire to Dickens’ London, where his sister is about to form a ruinous marriage. If he is to rescue her against all the odds, he must thwart the schemes of enemies old and new, discover who to trust in an alien city, and curb his Celtic passions lest his own plans unravel. But will his instincts and his faith prove true guides in his mission, or will he leave all too late to redeem a sacred promise?

The twelve novels MacDonald set in his homeland make frequent use of Scots dialogue, which has posed a problem for many would-be readers. This new edition of his THE MARQUIS OF LOSSIE, book six in the translation series, provides the complete original text, but places English side-by-side with the Scots.

“For those of us who know how very much George MacDonald influenced the beloved C. S. Lewis, but have been hesitant to dive into the deep waters of MacDonald’s Doric dialogue, now is our time! David Jack has unraveled and translated the Scottish dialect to carry us into the power of McDonald’s work. In the Marquis of Lossie, MacDonald’s delightful imagination and masterful stories are are a treasure we can now explore, thanks to David Jack’s ingenious rendition. Fantastic, clever and important, this is your time to finally read MacDonald.”
Bestselling author of Becoming Mrs. Lewis and Once Upon a Wardrobe

Erik Rostad


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