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The Princess and Curdie


The Sequel to The Princess and the Goblin, and a Favorite of C. S. Lewis

Featuring twelve full-page illustrations by Maria L. Kirk and four by Gertrude A. Kay

After rescuing Princess Irene from a horde of evil goblins, young Curdie the miner has lost his way. With things going wrong inside him, he seeks help from Irene’s mystical guardian, “the Lady of the Silver Moon,” and is sent on a mission even more dangerous than his last. If Curdie is to show his worth once more, and save Irene and her father from a deadly plot, he will need all his resources of courage and cunning, as well as a strange gift, and an even stranger animal-companion. The Princess and Curdie is the exciting conclusion to the two-book “Curdie” series, and one of MacDonald’s three fantasy novels for children.

Erik Rostad


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