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The Princess and the Goblin


A Children’s Fantasy Classic That Influenced Narnia and The Hobbit

With thirty-one original illustrations by Arthur Hughes and an introduction by Douglas Gresham

Eight-year-old princess Irene has been sent away from home to live in a large, remote house in the country. There, at the top of the house, she opens a door and enters a world of mystery. Befriended by a beautiful protectress who watches over her day and night, she learns how to trust in her guidance, overcome fear and doubt, and-with the help of Curdie the miner-battle the evil goblins who threaten her father’s kingdom. The Princess and the Goblin (book one of the two-book “Curdie” series) is an all time fairy-tale classic that influenced both Narnia and The Hobbit.

Erik Rostad


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