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The George MacDonald Scottish Collection


Four Tales From His Homeland by the Grandfather of Modern Fantasy (Unabridged, with Illustrations)

Contains: The Carasoyn, The Kelpie (from Ranald Bannerman’s Boyhood), The Wow O’ Rivven, and Far Above Rubies.*

George MacDonald was a Scottish author who never forgot his roots. All his best writing recalls his beloved homeland, and demonstrates, through myth or realism, the beauties of the place that reared him. In this collection, four of these Caledonian tales (two fairy tales and two “realistic” ones) open the door to MacDonald’s Scotland, and show him, like Burns, Scott, and Stevenson, to be one of his country’s true national treasures.

*The concluding story, a novella, is the last piece of fiction written by MacDonald at the age of seventy-three, before a stroke silenced his pen forever. It is, in part, an autobiographical work, which poignantly harks back to the early days of his marriage and writing career, his struggles with poverty, and the part played by his wife as an encourager and sustainer before the rising of his literary star.

Erik Rostad


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