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Castle Warlock

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Illustrated and Translated

George MacDonald’s Castle Warlock is many things: a mystery, an adventure, a coming-of-age story, a celebration of the beauty of the Scottish Highlands, and a revelation of spiritual truth. Central to the novel are two unforgettable characters, young Cosmo Warlock and his father, the Laird of Glenwarlock. The bond that exists between them is a reminder of the real-life relationship, rare indeed in its depth and near-perfection, which the author shared with his own earthly father: a relationship which first taught him that fatherhood must be at “the great world’s core.”

MacDonald’s extensive use of the Scots language has been a stumbling block for many readers—until now. This is the only edition of Castle Warlock that features English translations side-by-side with the complete original text. The translator, Scotsman David Jack, has provided a helpful preface for international readers, all of the original 19th century illustrations are featured, and the introduction is by best-selling author and preeminent MacDonald expert Michael Phillips.

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